Sela Diab ('20) is the Arts and Entertainment editor of The Patriot newspaper. Diab is also on the Executive Board of Student Council as the Treasurer, and is a co-founder of the club “Viewpoint for Soldiers and Veterans.” She has a paid job writing for the Hidden Hills Magazine, and is a co-founder of the “Evin and Sela Do Things” blog. In addition, she has her own beauty account on Instagram that focuses on makeup. She is an active participant in CORE, Viewpoint's community service honor society, and is a school ambassador through Founders' Club. Diab enthusiastic member of the Viewpoint swim team year-round. Over the summer, she works for Camp Roadrunner, and volunteers in Ain Ebel, Lebanon as a “Scout of Ain Ebel.” Her favorite subjects are Journalism, English, and Latin.

Sela Diab, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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